Using a REALTOR® When Buying a New Build Home

Dated: 10/09/2019

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Buying a new build can be a lot more complicated than purchasing a resale. You’ll benefit from working with a local expert who knows the project’s neighbourhood, target audience, materials used and sales data. Here are the reason you want to use a realtor, even when buying from a builder:

A REALTOR® can negotiate on your behalf
Sure, you can simply trust a sales representative to haggle with the builder, but that may not get you the best deal or added perks, like free upgrades or new appliances. Understanding the fine print in a purchase contract is not for the faint of heart. A real estate professional can point out the confusing clauses you’re better off negotiating on.

You’ll get the low-down on the up-sells
Immaculately designed model homes offer all the bells and whistles, tempting buyers into adding all sorts of extras onto the standard price. Sometimes, these upgrades aren’t worth it. Your Realtor can help you decide what’s worth doing and what can wait.

You won’t fall for sales pitches that seem too good to be true
Buyers are led to believe if they don’t use an agent, the builder will subtract the price of a Realtor’s potential commission from the purchase price. But since the seller (i.e. the builder) pays your agent’s commission,
it only makes sense to insist on having one.

A Realtor will provide guidance and support throughout the transaction
When it comes to pre-construction, home buyers must navigate multiple steps and interact with several people before closing. In addition to making decisions around design, buyers must also make technical choices about electrical work or construction add-ons during the build.

Bottom line? The builder’s rep has the builder’s goals in mind, while your own agent is a valuable resource with just one person to satisfy: You.
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